Technical Data


Ongoing testing of two (late stage) prototype aircraft, with UL Power 520is 200 hp engines and Sensenich 3-blade ground-adjustable propellers.
Current development of FAA approved LSA versions (SLSA and ELSA kit) with UL Power 350is 130 hp engine, with possible release in 2016.
Airframe is constructed of carbon-glass fiber composite structure providing high fatigue and corrosion resistance
As currently contemplated, the wing will be detachable for easy transport and storage.
The hydraulic tricycle landing gear can be deployed and retracted in the water. Tire size and profile to be increased, allowing maneuvering on beach.
LSA versions to have basic VFR instruments with docking capability for portable GPS.

Dimensions- current prototypes

Seats: 2
Span: 9.0m/29.5ft
Length: 6.75m/22.1ft
Height: 2.1m/6.9ft
Wing area: 12 sq.m / 129 sq. ft
(Provisional weight/load factors)
Max. load: 67 kg/sq m / 147 lbs/ sq ft
MTOW: 800 kg/1760 lbs
Fuel: 150 l / 39 gal

Performance (estimated)

Vr : 60 km/h | 35 kts
Vc : 185 km/h | 100 kts
Vne : 230 km/h | 124 kts
Vso: 68 km/h | 37 kts
Vs1 (clean): 82 km/h | 45 kts
Range: 1300 km | 700 nm

*Note: all factors provisional; to be revised following flight testing.